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Wendy Vittori is Strategy Consultant. With over 30 years of executive business leadership experience, Wendy works with dynamic small and mid-size organizations to help them improve organization performance and business results. She is a Certified Master Practitioner for MBTI® and conducts MBTI individual and team assessments and workshops.

Leadership Culture – What is Yours?

An interesting discussion this morning – how the world in which leaders are working is evolving so rapidly.  When we think about organizations, and their development, in reality we have only a few elements to work with: strategy, structure, process, people.  Figuring … Continue reading

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Strategic planning – is it outmoded?

“Why do strategic planning?  Things are just going to change, anyway!” Improving business performance is what every executive is trying to make happen.  Busy executives are faced with the question of how to apply their scarce resources to produce this … Continue reading

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Communicating the “Big Picture” More Effectively – Using the Perceiving Dimension of the MBTI®

Communicating the Big Picture strategic vision is critical for organization leaders. Understanding differences in communication styles, using insights from the MBTI® type preference of “perceiving,” leaders can craft more effective communication strategies and improve organization performance. Continue reading

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Gaining Team Commitment to “Team-Building”

Gaining commitment to team-building by the team members is not automatic. In fact, many – if not most – team building events are wasted because team members are not committed to their success. When you think “team-building” think first about what is valued by your team. Continue reading

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Why being a coach is a good investment for managers

Managers are often confused between being a “coach,” and using a “coaching style.” They are not the same. A coach uses multiple interaction styles, based on what employees need to help them succeed. Continue reading

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Dilemmas in Implementing Change

A dilemma you may face in implementing change is how to work most effectively with members of your organization who will be involved in the change. Understanding intrinsic motivation provides a strong approach to dealing with this situation. Continue reading

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Conflict Management – A Big Lever for Improved Performance

Many of us underestimate how big a role conflict management plays in everyday work situations.  But, if you stop to think about it for a minute, you will find that the need to manage conflict is something that occurs all … Continue reading

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