Leadership Culture – What is Yours?

An interesting discussion this morning – how the world in which leaders are working is evolving so rapidly.  When we think about organizations, and their development, in reality we have only a few elements to work with: strategy, structure, process, people.  Figuring out how to align these elements, within the external environment that is relevant - to achieve the organization’s goals  – is what the work of leaders is all about.

Leadership culture can play a major role in establishing – and often even more important – maintaining this alignment over time.  Culture can be simply understood to be the “expected behavior;” what do I expect of others, what do others expect of me, and what do I strive to do myself.  Culture is what fills in the gaps when new things arise, when the process has not been defined.  These are increasingly the issues that leaders deal with, as the reality of internet time infiltrates every nook and cranny of organizational life.

So, have you and your team reflected on what Leadership Culture you have?  Is it the one you set out to create?  What are you doing to evolve it as the needs of your team and your organization evolve?

Ask yourself – what behavior do we expect of each other as leaders?  What do other team members and partners expect of us?  Is the reality matching those expectations?  Has the world in which we are operating changed in such a way that we need to alter our Leadership Culture to keep up?

About Wendy Vittori

Wendy Vittori is Strategy Consultant. With over 30 years of executive business leadership experience, Wendy works with dynamic small and mid-size organizations to help them improve organization performance and business results. She is a Certified Master Practitioner for MBTI® and conducts MBTI individual and team assessments and workshops.
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